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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

RESULT of last long weekend project

here's what i produced during the last long weekend.. i managed to make a picnic bag, clothings for noelle and mine. these are the first batch of photos , toddler tees-dress-hair accesories all from my old clothing so it's refashioned/repurposed.. there's a sailor dress but noelle managed to spill her drink when she tried it on so no photos for now..

i was a tomboy girl so i got thise US TRAIN tee.. hopefully my next baby will be a boy because this will be perfect for him :)

my old coca cola tee, become flutter sleeve toddler tee..

my old levis tee become toddler tee with puff sleeves

my old levis tee, the maid ironed the print so it ruined and i refuse to wear it again ever. but toddler wont care if it's ruined. i turned it to raglan with elastic on the sleeve so it became a bit puffy..

my old gym tee, got white stain on the armpit (EEEWWWW) so i cut it out and made a raglan toddler tee.. and blue is noelle's fave colour.. i bet it will be her fave tee!

hairbow from scraps. it was easy but unfortunately noelle hates hair accesories.. :(

my old hardrock bali tee, got stain on the lower tummy (food i guess),
but turned out great as toddler sleeveless tee..

my pregnancy tee (can you imagine, puffy pregnant woman in YELLOW tie dye?? yes i was weird when i got pregnant) was so horrible so i made a harem pants for noelle.. combine with the hardrock bali tee, she looks so laid back.. hippy baby..

my old hardrock tokyo tank top, magically became noelle's dress.. she can wear it just like that or put on black leggings during unpredictable spring like nowadays..

skirt from my old GAP racer tee, i use the upper part to make binding for the hardrock tee, and when i see the boxy bottom part suddenly i got the idea to make a skirt.. noelle barelly had skirt so it will be great for playgroup. to make a difference between the back and the front, i put a rainbow and two clouds at the bottom left corner.. yes, the rainbow is made from the rainbow tee scraps.. :)

one thing i learnt about doing marathon projects, especially refashioning with knits, is we got lots of scraps, which wont frayed ever and it was easy to mix the scraps to make neck binding, raglan sleeves, applique, pockets and maybe there still tons of idea to use knit scraps.. i really looking forward to do a marathon projects.. but for now, i am busy with carseat cover to replace the old gray carseat cover.. summer is coming and we need to update noelle's carseat look!!! finger crossing mode ON..

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